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Seven miles off the south coast of Cape Cod, the Island of Martha's Vineyard has a long history of harvesting the sea. For centuries, ships have sought safety in her harbors, and hundreds of fishing vessels have called Menemsha their home port. Fishermen returning from the fabled Georges Bank arrive here first, so it's only natural that Martha's Vineyard should be where you'd find the freshest seafood at the lowest possible prices.

The Larsen family has Island roots four generations deep, and a local reputation for purveying the finest fish available. Keeping up with the latest techniques of shipping and refrigeration, we're proud to extend our services to the mainland, and with the same guarantee of absolute satisfaction we've always offered the lady down the street.

We've said it for years in our ads: Our fish are so fresh they'll make you blush. We wouldn't let them leave the Island if we didn't feel they'd arrive in perfect shape, thanks to careful packing and shipping under rigidly controlled conditions.

We will ship to your specifications, fresh or frozen, according to what's appropriate. We can air ship anywhere in the United States. And we accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.

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PO Box 1686

79 Beach Road

Vineyard Haven, MA 02568

PH: 800-394-6071

FAX: 508-693-8139